Garrett Mynatt ’15

Garrett Mynatt

After graduating from CSU with an undergraduate degree in photography, I was “ready to take on the world.” Soon after, the full realization of this statement hit me. Starting out as a photographer was not simple as I had hoped, and I began to understand how much more was required, beyond technical knowledge, to be successful while not compromising my artistic convictions.

I completed the first experimental LEAP course offered at the university during my senior year and was very excited about the potential of the program, so I applied for the master’s program the first year it was available. I was excited to be part of a new program, and hopefully a new way of thinking about the arts and higher education. What captured me about the program was the potential to change how artists, art managers, businesses, and communities think about the arts.

Through this program, I hope to gain a more thorough understanding of arts policy, leadership, business, and advocacy – some of the core values of this program. Through the combination of theoretical study and real world practice this program offers, I have already planned how to move forward, not only with my personal goals, but with bigger ideas about how the arts industry could grow and thrive.

Upon completion of my first semester, I have concrete ideas and expectations of how to become a lifelong artist, while concurrently advocating for the arts – something I now believe is an integral part of being an artist. This program has allowed me to establish a realistic and measurable plan for my art, while providing knowledge and understanding of day-to-day concepts which can be carried over into other fields.

With this degree I have gained an understanding of where the art world is today, but more importantly, where the art world has the potential to be in 50 years.