Kayla Banks ’15

Kayla Banks_web

Kayla Banks is a Dance Major and a LEAP Arts Leadership and Administration Minor (Class of 2015). I caught up with her in between rehearsals to ask about how her experience has been so far.

What does being a LEAP Institute for the Arts Student mean to you?

“LEAP! Saying it loud and saying it proud! I am proud to be a LEAP student in an environment that nourishes artists of all types and enhances artists understanding of how to be more than a successful artist, but thrive to keep art alive!”

You recently completed the internship in collaboration with the Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR). What did you think?

“AIR that made me breathe! Took away anxiety! And taught me how breathe IN the possibilities of what it means to be an artist through community experience and problem solving creatively”

What was the biggest take away from that experience for you?

“What I took away from the class was mainly the experience of having to work in a group of artist in different fields, which for me can be difficult, the difficulty being myself dealing with group work. I learned to build on team members ideas and to have patience when I felt that ideas were not going anywhere. What I take away from this experience is the overall picture that artist of all fields need to come together and collaborate more often. I think we need to start building the artists’ community more and more through integration and appreciation of the many artist fields of choice!”

~ by Katie Rothstein