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Call for Proposals: Module Instruction

We invite you to propose an innovative workshop that translates your scholarship, teaching, or area specialty into delivery of core competencies for CSU’s graduate degree program in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management.

Length of workshops may vary but should be appropriate to the content and objectives you specify as well as to the core competencies of the LEAP master’s degree.

Examples include a 5 hour short course delivered over 5 weeks, a 4 hour workshop consisting of 1 hour lecture and 3 hours class activity, 1 hour group discussion on a selected theme, or any other combination of time that best serves the delivery of your topic.

The focus of the module will be on the creative and imaginative fulfillment of the program’s core competencies.  For a list of those competencies, please see the attachment.

Interdisciplinary content and instruction are central to the mission of the LEAP Institute for the Arts. Our innovative curricular plan envisions collaboration with faculty from across campus to address core competencies for students within the Masters in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management program.

Effective modules will:

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