About Us


Dress rehearsal for the 2010 Spring Dance Concert. April 22, 2010


The LEAP Institute for the Arts will help CSU arts students survive in the 21st century job market, discover new job opportunities, become career arts advocates, and create a playground for new ideas.


LEAP opens possibilities for career and life through visionary leadership, creative entrepreneurship, impassioned advocacy, and public engagement through a deeper understanding of arts and culture.

Core Values

The LEAP Institute for the Arts has a set of core values that guide our decision making in all areas. We are committed to Creativity as an indispensable, marketable asset for our futures. We will cultivate Leadership so that we may lead others with the skill set and confidence to achieve our goals. We will embrace the spirit of Adaptation to changing technologies and marketplaces. We exhibit Passion for our creative abilities and seek to inspire others to achieve their goals. We are dedicated to Collaboration so that we may engage as a community to create a better cultural environment.