Module: Sustainable Entrepreneurship of Zhuang’s Clothing and Creative Industry Part 1

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Start: February 28, 2017 5:30 PM

End: 8:00 PM

Organizer: Haley Carlson

Phone: N/A


Venue: UCA 142, University Center for the Arts

Address: 1400 Remington St., Fort Collins, CO 80521

yanhong-zengSustainable Entrepreneurship of Zhuang’s Clothing and Creative Industry – LEAP 650

Yanhong Zeng
Associate Professor, Head of the Teaching-Research Section, School of Journalism and Communication, Guangxi Teachers Education University (GTEU), Nanning, P.R. China, Colorado State University, School of Education

 Research on the Culturally Sustainable Entrepreneurship of Zhuang’s Clothing Creative Industry

Research background

As the largest minority group in China, people of Zhuang ethnic group mainly inhabits in Guangxi. The Zhuang ethnic group is exquisite in traditional dress art, which derives out embroidery, brocade, knit, etc. Exposed in the ever-developing modernization and invasion of foreign culture, these beautiful traditional arts are in an endangered situation. One way to protect this traditional art is to encourage entrepreneurship. However, each entrepreneur is different, and the business method they adopt and the results are different accordingly. The current creative industry development mode has influenced the Zhuang’s clothing culture and even the culture of ethnic groups. So, this research is to evaluate these influences and seek a more reasonable cultural sustainable development model. This is the starting point of the research and the problem to try to solve.

This lecture mainly includes the following contents:

The development basis of Zhuang clothing creative industry including the development background of China fashion creative industry; Zhuang dress culture; the ways of Zhuang fashion creative design.

Required Reading