Module: Dramatic Solutions Charrette Module 1

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Start: September 18, 2017 5:30 PM

End: 7:30 PM

Organizer: Haley Carlson

Phone: N/A


Venue: University Center for the Arts

Address: 1400 Remington St., Fort Collins, CO 80524

Dramatic Solutions Charrette Module

Refugee crisis and applied theatre

β€œIt is not the place of the theatre to show the correct path, but only to offer the means by which all possible paths may be examined.” – Augusto Boal

Applied theatre is a broad umbrella term encapsulating an interdisciplinary practice with theatre and drama at its center. Practitioners tackle social and cultural concerns with a growing number of programs pertaining to the refugee crisis.

In this module, you will have to opportunity to participate in applied theatre exercises and identify useful tools relevant to your own practice across disciplines. These exercises can serve tools to build meaningful relationships with the community and provide a platform for powerful storytelling. Furthermore, these tools set the stage to celebration the skills, expertise, and resilience the participants bring to the process. Additionally, we will discuss key notions around the role of the facilitator in art-based social and cultural programming.