The LEAP Institute for the Arts offers college credit for semester-long internships hosted by local, regional, national and international arts organizations. These internships are required components to the LEAP undergraduate minor and the master’s degree. We encourage our students to customize their program with internships that fit their interests and desired career paths following graduation.

Put into practice all of the skill sets you have learned in your classes by finding an internship that excites you! Our students have interned companies such as Gretel Graphic Design in New York City, the Atlanta Ballet, Opera Fort Collins, OpenStage Theatre and the Lincoln Center in New York.

Finding an Internship

Finding an internship is the responsibility of the student but we are here to help you on your search. There are multiple ways you can find a suitable internship for your interests.

  1. CSU Career Center
  2. Research local organizations for interesting career paths and reach out to them to see if they have any available internships.
  3. Call the organization or business you want to work at and make an appointment to discuss a possible internship. If they don’t have current internships available or if they haven’t yet been an internship host, ask them if they would be willing to be a host.
  4. Check the social media pages of LEAP (Facebook, Twitter) for the latest postings.
  5. Check with the LEAP office for the latest internship postings.
  6. Look at the following websites for new openings. Recommended search terms include but are not limited to: ‘arts administration, arts leadership, arts management, arts engagement, community engagement, creative entrepreneurship’

Download the Internship Resource Packet for ideas on types of organizations that offer internships throughout the United States and abroad.

Expectations and Forms

Undergraduate students must complete one internship during their degree program. Graduate students must complete two internships for the program requirement. You may complete the internship(s) during the fall, spring or summer term.

Undergraduate students are expected to complete at least 100-150 hours per semester. (7-10 hours per week.) Graduate students are expected to complete 150-200 hours per semester. (10-13 hours per week).

Required Forms:

Internship Agreement Form

The Internship Agreement Form must be completed and signed by the participating student and internship host organization before submitting the completed and signed document to the Program Advisor. Students may either e-sign or print, sign and scan the Internship Agreement Form

Be prepared to work with your potential employers to define the following:

All students are expected to submit an LEAP Internship agreement form outlining the above criteria prior to class registration.

Internship Host Organization Evaluation

After completing your internship, students are required to submit an evaluation of their host organization to the Program Advisor.

Student Evaluation

Students are required to either email an electronic evaluation or print and present the student evaluation to their internship supervisor during the last week of their internship to receive constructive feedback.

Information for Host Organizations

If your host organization has general questions regarding the internship process, please present them with this form or direct them to the Program Advisor

Registering for your Internship

Students that wish to complete an internship must register for the following:

Minor students:

Graduate students:

These courses must be taken concurrently.

In order to be given permission to register for these courses, you must complete the Internship agreement, sign the document, have your internship supervisor sign the document and turn it into the LEAP office.


Host Organization Evaluation Form

Internship Host Evaluation

1 Internship/Contact Information
2 Performance Review
3 Expanded Feedback
  • Internship/Contact Information

    Please provide contact information for the student and supervisor.