Current Students


All graduate students must complete two (2) semester-long internships which coincide with the academic semester (available Fall, Spring and Summer.) Courses LEAP 687 and LEAP 692 must be taken congruently and are only offered online in order for students to execute their internship anywhere in the world.

All graduate students must receive approval from the LEAP Director prior to registering for courses and committing to Internship position. This is to verify compatibility of proposed internship to LEAP requirements.

For more details about Internship requirements:

or contact: Dr. Constance DeVereaux 


Exit Exams

This exam is to take place during the final semester of coursework. It is your responsibility to schedule the exam at a proctored exam site no later than the 12th week of classes of your final semester.

The content of the written exit exam is structured to reflect coursework completed prior to the exam. Students will work with their adviser to develop a list of questions. The grading committee will then select questions for the final exam, which will be sent directly to the test proctor along with instructions for the exam. Students will have four hours to complete the written exam. Students may bring a scratch piece of paper and a pen. Upon completing the exam, a copy will electronically be sent to student’s grading committee, as well as provided to the student. At that time, students will have 48 hours to review their answers and make edits (grammar and spelling corrections, etc.), but not alter any content. Students must email a copy of the corrected exam no more than 48 hours after completing the original.

Details:  LEAP EXIT EXAM Handbook

Report of Exit Examination Results Form

Use this form to report your exit examination results. It is the students responsibility to turn in this form to LEAP Administration (, UCA 303) no later than the posted deadline. Failure to do so will delay your graduation.



For overrides, please use this form and return to the LEAP office. override-request-form