Graduate Program FAQ’s

Below, please find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


What are the deadlines for an application?

Please see the table at the bottom of the Application Process page for deadline dates. Return to Top

What does “early decision” mean?

All applicants are encouraged to submit their application materials as soon as possible. For students who are applying to multiple schools and would like to have a decision back on their application by March 1st for a fall start, applications should be in completely no later than February 15th. Return to Top

What does “late application deadline” mean?

Applications for the indicated semester start can be considered up until the “late” date, however, students are encouraged to apply by the deadline for the best possible financial aid awards. Return to Top

I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?

Late applications are welcome, however, we encourage applicants to apply as early as possible to increase their likelihood of acceptance and financial aid awards. Return to Top

How do I apply for the 100% online masters program?

The process for applying for the 100% online program, offered through CSU Online, is identical to the application process for the on-campus degree program, with one exception. When filing out your online application, choose “Arts Leadership and Cultural Management/Masters – Distance”. Please see the Application Process page for application details. Return to Top

What is an “official” transcript?

Official transcripts are issued directly from your academic institution to LEAP Admissions. They are printed on official transcript paper. It must bear the embossed or raised college seal, date and the Registrar’s signature. Copies marked “Issued to Student”, photocopies, scanned copies, and unofficial transcripts (print outs of your academic records) cannot be accepted.  Return to Top

Can I send my transcripts electronically? 

Yes, you may have your transcripts sent electronically by your accrediting college or university to the Graduate Admissions Office . Only transcripts that arrive directly from the college or university through a transcript service (such as EScript or Parchment) will be accepted. PDF of copies of transcripts will not be accepted. Learn about submitting documents here.   Return to Top

Your application process indicates that I need to fill out a Financial Aid Form. Is this the FAFSA? When is it due?

Applicants who would like to investigate the possibility of financial aid to help cover the costs of graduate school should fill out the FAFSA as close to January 1 the year that they intend to start school as possible. This ensures the best place in queue to receive federal financial aid. You do not need to have filed your previous year’s taxes (although you will need your income estimates) or have been accepted in to the program already in order to submit a FAFSA application. International students may not be eligible for the FAFSA. Applicants do not need to have submitted their FAFSA in order to be considered for the program. Any additional questions not addressed here should be directed to the CSU Student Financial Aid office. Return to Top

On the online application, what should I specify as my “Area of Study?”

You do not need to specify an area of study. You may leave it blank. Return to Top

Do I need to take the GRE?

No, the Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management does not require the GRE. Return to Top

I have already taken the GRE. Should I send my scores with my application?

You are welcome to send your GRE scores to LEAP Institute of the Arts at or 1778 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1778. However, it is not necessary to do so. Return to Top

I am an international student. What TOEFL scores do you require?

Please see information on TOEFL scores and international student application requirements on the Graduate School website. Return to Top

I currently have a full time job in the Northern Colorado area, and I can’t afford to quit. Can I still attend classes?

All of the LEAP graduate core classes are scheduled in the evening to accommodate students who work during the day. Some of the elective courses that you may want to take may only be offered during the work day, but CSU Online has many approved choices that you can take 100% online. Speak with your graduate advisor for more information on elective course choices. Return to Top

Do I need to mail in my application materials or can I email them?

You are welcome to email your application materials directly to  Your letters of recommendation may also be sent via email and should be sent directly from their authors. Return to Top