Alumni Spotlight – Shuana Robinson

Shauna Robinson graduated from the LEAP program in 2017 and works as the Production Manager with the Tacoma Opera. We had a chance to catch up with Shauna and learn more about how her degree has helped her secure the job she’s always wanted and assisted in growing her career as an arts leader.

“Earning my Master’s in Arts Leadership [and Administration] has afforded me many excellent opportunities that otherwise would have been out of my reach. For instance, I don’t believe I would have won my current position without the MALA degree on my resume. I’m also in the process of interviewing with a well-known, elite arts organization; an opportunity that I certainly wouldn’t have been able to even apply for without my LEAP education.

I learned a lot from the LEAP program, the most important of which being confidence. Confidence in my own abilities, confidence in knowing what I’m worth to potential employers, and even the confidence to become an entrepreneur should I choose that path.

The LEAP program offers a balance between challenge, theory, and most importantly practice. I gained a lot of hands-on experience during my studies, most of which has helped me create a strong portfolio that I’ve been able to use multiple times before and since graduating. My advice to current and future students is to not wait until graduation for employment opportunities. If the right opportunity comes along and you’ve made it through at least two semesters of the program, go for it, because if you’ve made it that far in the LEAP program, you already have what it takes to land your dream job in the arts or nonprofit sector.”

In 2016, Shauna traveled Porto, Portugal for the European Sociological Association’s Research Stream for the Arts Conference. Read about her experience here and here.