DRAMATIC SOLUTIONS Judge Highlight – Vincent Kitch

Vincent Kitch serves as the City of Fort Collins Cultural Director

We’re excited for our upcoming charrette style event DRAMATIC SOLUTIONS  taking place Friday, October 6th at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins! Dramatic Solutions seeks to understand how art can be employed to solve complex world problems. This year, teams will take an in-depth look at the world refugee crisis and find humanitarian solutions to its impact on our own community. Solution presentations will go from 1-4 PM, with judging starting at 6 PM.

We have a great lineup of judges, including the new City of Fort Collins Cultural Director, Vincent Kitch. Vincent has been in government arts administration all over the US for over 25 years at the local, state, and national levels including arts programs for 2 of the country’s most creative cities – Austin, TX and Seattle, WA.  His work has covered most areas of arts administration including grantmaking, public art, arts education, presenting, cultural tourism and planning, creative industries (music/film/gaming), and cultural facilities!

In speaking with Vincent he explained that since this is not what one might call a “typical” arts-related problem to solve, he is “excited to be judging this event in order to see creative solutions to world issues using arts and culture.  I have been active with emerging leaders throughout my career and I see this as an extension of that responsibility.”

He also added, “I have always felt that arts and culture can be deployed in most any situation to help solve complex problems.  In my work in city and state government, I have to be involved in a number of initiatives from homelessness to downtown revitalization, community development to tourism – all using arts and culture as a catalyst for change.  I think any time we can utilize arts and culture beyond the quality of life or arts for arts sake approaches, our communities grow, strengthen, and become better places for everyone.”

We look forward to seeing the results! For more information visit our event page or email DramaticSolutionsLEAP@gmail.com  – This event is a drop-in, open house style event. Come and go as you please or stay as long as you like!