Graduating Student Highlight – Elham Musa

Elham with her two daughters out side of their home

At LEAP we’re continually amazed by our students. Meet Elham Musa. Elham moved to Fort Collins, Colorado from her native Sudan in 2002 with her husband and two sets of twins. After overcoming many obstacles, Elham will receive her Master’s in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management this fall. Prior to joining LEAP, Elham studied at Front Range Community College to improve her English with the hopes of pursuing her master’s in literature at Colorado State University. However, she remembers finding LEAP and explains “once I found LEAP I realized that this is actually what I wanted to do, what I like to do.” After graduating, Elham hopes to pursue her Ph.D. to explore sociology and the arts. While reflecting on her time with LEAP Elham expresses her gratitude for the connections she’s made and thanks everyone who has helped her achieve her goals. LEAP is proud to have such talented alumni!

Elham was featured in the Colorado State University College of Liberal Arts Magazine this spring to talk about free speech and cultural values. Read the full article here.