Fine-Tuning Your Management Skills: LEAP Can Do That!

New online LEAP student Jacquelyn Achord

Sometimes you don’t necessarily a whole new toolbox to pull out skills and experience from. Instead, sometimes it’s necessary to add that screwdriver you’ve been meaning to buy or maybe perhaps just replace your old screwdriver with a new and improved one. That’s sort of what new student Jacquelyn Achord is doing. Jacquelyn lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana and has a BFA in Musical Theatre. She’s had a broad spectrum of careers in the arts. However, in speaking with Jacquelyn she expressed how she was interested in fine-tuning those skills since “I was at a road block of how far I could go in my career. I want to better myself as an artist and as a person in general, eventually work towards my doctorate and hopefully open a facility of my own someday – a performing arts center of some sort.”

So why LEAP? When researching programs, she knew that the program had to be online, since she is currently employed full-time in the arts, but she still wanted a classroom feel that was convenient. In addition, the program had to fit her desire to improve on knowledge and experience that she already has. She felt that LEAP’s curriculum fit the bill!  Jacquelyn expressed interest in learning more about how HR departments work, how to run a youth program, and the nitty gritty of doing an employee review — all important skills when running your own organization! We’re excited for LEAP to open the door to your future, Jacquelyn!