LEAP Minor Student Highlight: Jessica Kroupa

Meet Jessica Kroupa, a third year Theatre major with a concentration in Stage Management and Costume Design and a double minor in Business Administration and Arts Administration. She chose Colorado State University specifically for the LEAP minor. I had a chance to ask her about her background, experience, and what she plans to do next!

Where do you live? Where are you from originally?

I currently live in Fort Collins! I actually lived in Denver until I was about 14 and then moved to Florida for high school with my mom. I’m now back in Colorado for college.

Why did you choose CSU? Why did you decide to get a LEAP minor?

I chose CSU specifically for the LEAP minor. I want to have a career in theatre arts administration and going to CSU allowed me involve myself in theatre as well as learn about arts administration in LEAP. It’s the best of both worlds!


What is your major? What year are you?

I am a third year Theatre major with a concentration in Stage Management and Costume Design and a double minor in Business Administration and Arts Administration.

Do you have anything outside of school you’d like to share?¬†

I have three jobs currently! I work at Jimmy Johns, OpenStage Theatre & Company, and I have a work study in the costume shop at CSU. I’m also very active in our school’s theatre department. This fall I am Stage Managing our opera, ‘The Myth of Orfeo’ and I am also the Production Manager for our entirely student run production of ‘God of Carnage’ that I helped to kickstart this fall with my classmates Bradley Calahan and Daniel Isaacs. I also just started the early stages of my costume design for our Spring musical, ‘A Man of No Importance.’ On top of it all, I’m also the president of our Theatre Student Advisory Council where we’ve been working hard to build a sense of community and student growth. It’s been a very crazy semester so far!

What are you looking forward to about the program? OR if you’re almost done with the program and what did you gain from the program?

I only have 2 classes left in the LEAP minor and I gained a lot! We’ve spent a lot of time on leadership and advocacy and self marketing so I’ve learned a lot of not only how to market for events and companies but how to market myself as well. We’ve spent so much time on so many different things that I really feel as if I have a broad outlook on everything LEAP entails.

How do you feel the degree will assist you in finding a job? What is your dream job?

I feel my degree will assist me in finding my job and attaining my dream job because I will have an extensive background in theatre, especially on the technical side. I will also have an administrative background from the arts side and the business side, which I will need if I want to go into arts administration. Throughout my studies I have also interned at multiple professional theatre companies in the summers to gain a professional experience on top of my educational experience. I hope to one day become a Managing Director of a professional nonprofit theatre company, and I really feel as all these steps I am taking will help to set me up well for that dream.