LEAP New Student Highlight – Andrew Pranger

Andrew in his home studio in Eagle, Colorado

It’s a new semester and with that comes new students! We’re excited to welcome online and on-campus students alike as they take the LEAP towards new experiences and opportunities. Onward and Upward! as we like to say. As the semester takes flight, we’re highlighting some of the new faces of the LEAP program. Meet Andrew Pranger, an incoming online master’s student living in Eagle, Colorado.

What makes the LEAP program so unique is that our program draws individuals from all over the world, of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Andrew is currently the Creative and Marketing Director for QuietKat, an advanced Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) company who manufacturers electric fat-tire mountain bikes and all-terrain e-trikes.

Andrew grew up in Virginia but moved to Brighton, England upon high school graduation, where he attended the University of Brighton and studied painting. After several studious years, he received his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art with a concentration in painting from the University of Brighton, which is considered the top painting school in Europe. When reminiscing about his experiences he expressed that it was “a lifelong dream to return back to Brighton.” Perhaps one day he will!

While living in Virginia and in England, Andrew assisted in starting several art collectives that actively put on exhibitions, sometimes in empty spaces throughout the cities. He chose the LEAP program as a way to potentially pivot his career towards directing and managing exhibitions again, in a museum setting. Andrew recently bought a house in Eagle, Colorado, where he uses the spare bedroom as his painting studio. Since he’s a homeowner and has a full-time job, he explained that “being able to take LEAP courses online provided a sense of convenience that other programs lacked.”

In addition to working and painting, Andrew enjoys the usual Colorado outdoor actives and playing the guitar. He is also a part of the Vail Valley Art Guild, which will be hosting a solo exhibition of his work in November. We look forward to seeing some shots from the show! In the meantime – check out his stellar work below!