LEAP New Student Highlight – Conrad Askland

It’s a new semester and with that comes new students! We’re excited to welcome online and on-campus students alike as they take the LEAP towards new experiences and opportunities. Onward and Upward! as we like to say. As the semester takes flight, we’re highlighting some of the new faces of the LEAP program. Meet Conrad Askland, an incoming online master’s student.

What makes the LEAP program so unique is that our program draws individuals from all over the world, of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. Conrad is currently the Music Director and Keyboardist for the Cirque du Soleil Varekai show and currently finishing up the tour’s European leg.

Conrad has worked his entire life in music and audio including audio engineering, music production, and he’s a skilled keyboardist! When speaking with Conrad about his choice for the program he explained “I was really interested in going for an MBA but it didn’t quite feel right. I was looking for programs to do online since I’m usually doing gigs or touring and I when I found the LEAP program it seemed like it was closer to what I was looking for since its core objectives are to teach skills for students to be artistic directors, executive directors and entrepreneurs. The program is offering what I can translate into the ‘business of theatre,’ which I hadn’t found at any other online university.”

Conrad calls Seattle, Washington home but he will be traveling around throughout the semesters. Welcome to the program Conrad – we look forward to catching up with you later

Check out some of Conrad’s work below:

New Piano piece “Song for my Mother”:


Working as bandleader and keyboardist for Varekai by Cirque du Soleil:


Excerpts from his musical Romeo and Juliet written to Shakespeare’s original text: