LEAP New Student Highlight – Katrina Weschler

It’s a new semester and with that comes new students! We’re excited to welcome online and on-campus students alike as they take the LEAP towards new experiences and opportunities. Onward and Upward! as we like to say. As the semester takes flight, we’re highlighting some of the new faces of the LEAP program. Meet Katrina Weschler, an incoming on-campus master’s student.

What makes the LEAP program so unique is that our program draws individuals from all over the world, of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Katrina hails from Chicago but has spent the last eight years in New Orleans before moving to Fort Collins to attend the LEAP Institute for the Arts. While in New Orleans Katrina worked with the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), where she started to tap into arts advocacy and the importance of people having a voice within their communities.

It was during the fall election that something sparked inside Katrina and she began meditating on the importance of leadership. While on a trip to visit her younger brother, who is an undergraduate student at CSU, Katrina found the LEAP program and almost instantaneously she realized that all the feelings she had been having about arts advocacy, leadership, having a voice within communities, were skills that others were seeking to strengthen as well. Therefore, she applied to the program and decided to move to Fort Collins once accepted!

Katrina is looking forward to both professional and personal development while attending LEAP and expressed that “the program really speaks to building communities, which can be something that is relevant in a professional setting and in a personal setting.” She explained “I want to become empowered but also be a voice for those that don’t have one to hopefully empower them as well and I think this program will give me the tools to do that.” She left confessing that she wasn’t sure what the next two years might bring or what will happen next but she feels confident that things will fall into line as they should!