LEAP New Student Highlight – Lindsey Christina

It’s a new semester and with that comes new students! We’re excited to welcome online and on-campus students alike as they take the LEAP towards new experiences and opportunities. Onward and Upward! as we like to say. As the semester takes flight, we’re highlighting some of the new faces of the LEAP program. Meet Lindsey Christina, an incoming online master’s student living in Birmingham, Alabama.

What makes the LEAP program so unique is that our program draws individuals from all over the world, of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Lindsey is currently…a busy bee to put it simply! Her on-going gigs include being the Director of the Birmingham Art Crawl and the Creative Coordinator for Hatcher Schuster Interiors, while also doing contract work for Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham Art Walk, and Moss Rock Art Festival. In addition, she’s helping to set up a group of artist studios in the East Lake community of Birmingham – more info TBD – and she’s starting her master’s in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management at the LEAP Institute for the Arts!

When Lindsey was an undergraduate student she thought she would most definitely be a forensic scientist, which eventually led to an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As it sometimes happens, her dream of being in forensics didn’t quite play out and her career took her in different directions. Then, a few years later, Lindsey decided to go back to school and applied to art school and law school – and got into both. She eventually chose art school and hasn’t looked back since. She explained that she had a lot of family members that were artists or creatives so it just seemed natural. Ultimately, that choice has led her to where she is now. Prior to her most recent positions, Lindsey was also the Director of Community Outreach at MAKEbhm, which provides access to art-making equipment for their members who might otherwise not have access to such tools.

When speaking with Lindsey as to why she wanted to return to school and get her master’s she explained, “I’ve never really had any formal training or education and I think this program will provide the tools I need to do my job better.” Welcome aboard Lindsey!

Check out Lindsey’s work below: