LEAP Student Highlight – Jo Richardson

The new semester is just around the corner and we’re excited to welcome the incoming Spring 2018 cohort! At the LEAP Institute for the Arts, we like to highlight all our students’ differences as we feel this makes the program part of what it is – a place for creative minds from all across the industry, from different backgrounds and points in the world, to come together to share knowledge and learn!

Meet Jo Richardson – she holds a BFA in Printmaking and a Master’s in Architecture. Her journey to find LEAP is one of my favorites. In an interview with her, she explained,

“While there are so many things that I love about the field of architecture, it left me feeling unfulfilled.  I wanted to find a career where I could be more of a benefit to my community.

So, two years ago, with no clear direction, I left architecture.  It was a time of a lot of soul-searching, which, for me, means a lot of art-making!  Because painting alone in my studio can be isolating, I joined a local non-profit arts organization as a marketing intern, just to meet like-minded people… and I fell in love.  Not only did I find the community piece that was missing for me in architecture, but I also was able to incorporate my passion for the arts.  It was the perfect combination for me.

And that is what led me to find the LEAP program. I’m hoping that, through the program, I will gain the skills, experience, and connections I need to build a new, fulfilling, career in the arts management world.”

And we hope we can provide that for you! Check out some of Jo’s amazing work below. We look forward to you being a part of the program, Jo!