LEAP Student Marissa LoNigro Passes Exit Exam and is Hired at the Harmony Project in Kansas City!

Marissa LoNigro is a recent graduate of the LEAP program who accepted the position of Program Coordinator at Harmony Project KC a month before graduation. Harmony Project KC is an intensive free music program that provides free instruments and lessons to at-risk youth. They do this not just for connecting children to music but Harmony Project KC also functions as a public safety and education initiative. Their bio states that, “Harmony Project KC is a free, research-based youth development and mentoring program for underserved children, using music as the vehicle to keep them safe, in school, and improve academic performance. As the Program Coordinator, Marissa supports students, parents, and teachers, and is slowly taking over communications with parents and teachers. She maintains student paperwork and attendance and works with the program manager to partner with local schools, plan concerts and events, and pretty much anything else that comes up (like it always goes with small nonprofits). She also handles all the social media.
Harmony Project KC just held their yearly fundraising event, and they are gearing up for a side-by-side concert with the Kansas City Symphony, where Marissa worked as a Development intern during her second required LEAP internship!
I spoke with Marissa further about how she got the job and she explained “I saw the job posting for the position at HPKC, and when I emailed in my application I also sent them a ‘pain letter’because I read this email on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2015/03/01/how-to-write-your-first-pain-letter/#b4bf3c825465.
Not sure how to write a Pain Letter directly to your hiring manager and leave the automated Black Hole recruiting portal behind? Here’s the step-by-step!
 In my pain letter I said that I imagined that it was difficult, with the extremely tight staff that HPKC has, to find someone that can juggle many tasks across different disciplines. I mentioned that I happen to have worked in marketing, event management, and nonprofit development positions, and I’m also a classically trained musician that has worked with inner city kids before. They emailed me back the same day, and we set up an interview. After I interviewed they called and offered me the job on the same day!”