Music Therapy Graduate Student Shares Her Experience With LEAP

Anne Marie Hester is a Music Therapy Graduate Student. She recently decided to take a course in the LEAP program. Here’s what she had to say:

“As a music therapy graduate student, I was a little apprehensive after signing up for LEAP 600: Arts Policy and Advocacy. However, I soon learned I was in good hands under the guidance and direction of Dr. DeVereaux. An essential component for the awareness and support for music therapy is advocacy. In this course, I learned how to improve my skills in advocacy for the field of music therapy by learning to construct a policy brief for state recognition; practice speech techniques to motivate and influence listeners; organize an argumentative essay pertaining to the implementation of art therapies in state prisons; and discover how political action and decisions can affect our culture and art. Considering political advocacy is a possible direction that I could pursue as a future music therapist, I believe this course provided me with a firm foundation and confidence to defend and promote my field with precision. The modules and assignments granted me an opportunity to relate each concept to my major and future work as a professional. It was certainly a reward and an honor to participate.”