Teams at the inaugural DRAMATIC SOLUTIONS event on October 6th at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

DRAMATIC SOLUTIONS is a charrette series seeking to understand how art can be employed to solve complex world problems. On October 6th teams took an in-depth look at the world refugee crisis and attempted to find humanitarian solutions to its impact on their own local communities. The arts were our toolkit and teams brought their creativity!

The winning team consisted of Dulcie Willis, Heather Ostberg-Johnson, Cary Klataske, Renee Badertscher, and Lindsey Dekle who formed a team they called “Bridging Borders,” which created an arts-based response to our world’s growing refugee and migrant problems. With such a wide and complex set of problems to address, their team decided to focus primarily on helping new arrivals integrate into their new communities. They proposed a program of Acting and Improvisation workshops and community events that would bring migrant and refugee groups together with their new communities. Their idea was that through theatre games, dramatic reenactments, acting exercises, and other similar group activities, the participants would develop new important relationships, learn communication and cultural soft skills needed to succeed in their new homes, creatively reflect and work through the difficulties and traumas of their experiences, and have lots of fun. Taking inspiration from Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, Drama Therapy, and many other modules of psychology and neurology, they hoped that their proposal can one day bring communities closer, in a creative and beautiful way.

Participants trying out the proposed creative solution: